Spiritual Services To
Help You Restore Your Energy


I was a massage therapist for over 20 years and have previously worked for hospice and physical therapists. The experience with hospice brought my practice to a deeper level of understanding of how body and spirit work together. This background, along with a deep meditation practice, led to an intuitive awakening about working with clients.

I engage intuitively to see past injuries or negative experiences that may have resulted in physical symptoms. Using my own techniques developed over the course of my experience, I can help the body's memory of those past events to be released, causing the muscles to relax and the body to remember how it is supposed to be.

I use exclusive modality techniques that combine Eastern and Western medicine with intuitive angelic guidance to heal your specific body calibration.



A reading with me can include messages about your life purpose, your soul's journey, affirmations, and confirmations of things you knew but didn't know why. It will often include healing—sometimes, clients need to be cleared of energetic blockages before messages can flow.

A reading can also come in the form of an intuitive painting, where I paint as guided intuitively. I can tell you which angels work with you and what they want you to know, as well as any other messages from your guides and loved ones. The paintings are "live"—meaning that they emit energy and change over time; sometimes faces, animals, or other images appear. They are a portrait of your soul and provide comfort, inspiration, and guidance.



Hi Nami,
I am cautiously optimistic that something significant has shifted since our session last week, when we coaxed my three-year-old self to give you the key to my heart. I've really been keeping the color yellow nearby in my mind and more importantly my heart, and I feel comforted and encouraged. I'm even writing about it - interestingly I have quite a few memories tied to yellow!

I feel different in the best way. I'm catching glimpses of my imagination, too. 

Thank you from the bottom of my recently opened heart!❤

Home and Building Clearings $333

I have the gift of remote viewing, where I scan the property and see where there are energy leaks. I can do it all remotely or come to the property in person to clear negative energy or entities and bring in positive joyful energy. I can shift negative ley lines (spiritual highways) to improve the feel of interior or exterior space. I provide crystals for protective grids to help create positive energy flow.

Packages Available:
• Healing
• Spiritual Guidance
• Mentoring


Home Clearing Testimonial

The Coggins Family

We've had the privilege of welcoming Nami into our home on several occasions. Each time our home is left feeling like "heaven on earth." There's no other way to describe it. Our first house clearing experience with Nami was in a house with a dark past. He helped us remove the negative energies and a vortex the previous owner had opened. Our house felt lighter, more peaceful and an overall feeling of love was felt in every room. It was almost as if the house was thanking us and pouring out gratitude for us.

At that visit, Nami also knew that our family would soon find a new home. Nami was unaware at the time but our family had recently gone through a tragedy which started a conversion between my husband and I on the need to start over in a new house. Sure enough, less than 18 months later, we welcomed Nami into our new home for a blessing.

Being around Nami in general is a peaceful and loving experience, and getting the opportunity to have him in your home is simply magical. Thank you Nami for being a part of our family's story! Sharing your gift with us has helped our family heal and has brought us closer to the Divine. Love.

Mentoring $275 per Session, Typically 8 to 10 Sessions

I offer spiritual mentoring. This will empower you by discovering your specific spiritual gifts and demonstrating how to deepen your understanding of how to use your gifts to the fullest. The ultimate goal is for students to be able to use their intuitive talents to help others, to ignite their light.

Spiritual Guidance $250

I guide you according to what your specific guides and angels tell me, serving as a channel even to loved ones that have passed away. I can help clear the way to see your path ahead and confirms what you already know intuitively but may have forgotten or blocked. I can shift your blockages to help you see your purpose.

Bri's Mentoring Testimonial

I met Nami one day while visiting The Bag Lady. We got to talking about the paintings all around the store and how Nami does angel work and it piqued my interest. I scheduled a session, not quite sure of what I was getting into. Nami created safe space for my guides and angels to communicate and painted them in the colors of their auras. It was the most beautiful picture that I added it to my home altar. Spiritually I asked my angels/guides to help me find a mentor or trusted advisor to help explore my life path and gifts. Literally the next day Nami called and mentioned a mentoring program he offers. I knew it was divine timing and since have had a few sessions already that have been life changing. I’ve learned how to open space for my angels. I’ve learned different ways to ground myself and how to open and work with different chakras. Every session is different because my angels dictate the priority at that time in what I need. We have worked through some past life issues that came up, balancing my chakras, and much more. When I leave sessions I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. Nami is definitely gifted and I appreciate it meeting and working with him so much! Thanks Nami!

Brendan's testimonial

There are many ways to connect with Nami. He teaches about the archangels, from Michael to Gabriel to Milagros, and more! You can learn how to feel their energies, call them in to help in all areas of your life, and even identify areas of unease in your body in order to heal. Additionally, he can channel the archangels and spirit guides that watch over you, translating their messages into beautiful colors on canvas, complete with a handwritten message on the back of the painting. Many clients return repeatedly for painting sessions to see how they’ve progressed with their goals, and see how their guides suggest they move forward.