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The Power of Angel Healing

exclusive modality techniques that combine eastern and western medicine with intuitive angelic guidance to heal your specific body calibration. 

What we do

Through Angels by Sunami, Susan and Nami (get it?) practice healing and invite all to participate. Need physical healing? Need an energy clearing? Want to attend a class about archangels? Love going to psychic fairs?  If these appeal to you, then come see us!

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Products to Raise Your Vibration

Flower De Vie CBD

5th Dimentional CBD bottled by Susan and Nami

Gateway to Heaven- Infused Paint 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I can’t even express how beautiful and meaningful my painting is. The message was true to my heart. I also had an unexpected energy healing while I was with Nami.  I noticed changes every day afterward. My eyes looked a lighter color, my hearing intensified and my sight became brighter. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you Nami for your inspiration and sharing your incredible gifts.


Nami, our painting has given us so much joy since it has come into our home. There are moments that we both stop and reflect, during the day, and this painting has helped guide us to calmer and more peaceful place. It has surprisingly changed the energy in our lives, in such a positive way. Thank You so much for the spiritual glow it brings us. Love, Cathy and John

Cathy and John

Many of us connect with the power of Nami’s paintings. You can also experience amazing healing touch through bodywork. I know and simply want to share because my sessions are phenomenal. Schedule yours soon. <3


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