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Intuitive Readings

Healing Angels
Nami at shift painting_edited

After a near-death experience (NDE), Nami became so connected to Spirit that he began receiving messages from angels, guides, and people who have passed. He has many amazing stories and often says "You can't make this stuff up!"

A reading with Nami can include messages about your life purpose, your soul's journey, affirmations, and confirmations of things you knew but didn't know why. It will often include a healing -- sometimes clients need to be cleared of energetic blockages before messages can flow.

A reading can also come in the form of an intuitive painting, where Nami paints as guided intuitively. He can tell you which angels work with you and what they want you to know, as well as any other messages from your guides and loved ones. The paintings are "live" -- meaning that they emit energy and change over time; sometimes faces, animals, or other images appear. They are a portrait of your soul, and provide comfort, inspiration, and guidance.