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Infused Paint

Infused Paint


Your gateway to heaven!



Visitors to our home often say they feel it has great energy that makes them feel safe. When we started intentionally creating positive energy throughout the house, we used a lot of different techniques. This paint is one of our favorite ideas! It is white high-gloss latex paint, infused with energy from different sources that create a cleansing portal for people to walk through. We add crystal essences to clear away negativity and bring in joy. Use it as trim paint around your doorframe to create a magical high-vibration gateway for you and your guests to pass through when walking into your home.

The stones we use are self-clearing: selenite, apophyllite, and kyanite, which will banish negative energy, bring in joy, and create energetic balance. We create the paint in sacred space and use energy work to infuse the paint with magical attributes to bring in a flow of happiness, prosperity, and protection. As you paint, add your own intentions for your space. We can also infuse it with a specific intention for you if you choose

We also add a little homemade vanilla extract for subtle fragrance.

Since we have a limited supply, snap up your paint now!


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