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250 MG CBD

250 MG CBD


One Ounce Bottle of 250MG for pets and children

✓ Made with 100% Kentucky Grown Industrial Hemp

✓ C02 Extracted

✓ Full Spectrum Blend

✓ Preservative Free

✓ Palo Santo Infused

✓ Angel infused

✓ High Vibrational



5th Dimensional CBD for pets and children.

Flower De Vie Hemp extract oil is made from 100% Kentucky Grown hemp using super critical C02 extraction. We use a Full Spectrum Extract Blend made from natural components of industrial hemp and contains NO PRESERVATIVES! This product is blended and bottled by Nami and Susan to ensure that it is created with only the items listed on the label. It has a high vibrational healing frequency that can NOT be duplicated.

Taking full spectrum CBD can assist the body with cancer cell growth, reduce inflammation, treats fungal infections, suppresses muscle spasms, relieves pain, aids sleep, slows bacterial growth, reduces blood sugar levels, relieves anxiety, and more.

This can also be purchased directly from The Bag Lady store in Charlotte, NC


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