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Intuitive Bodywork, Massage and Energy Work -- the Back Story

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Following a near-death experience several years ago, Nami came to realize that energy healing is an important part of his life's mission. Nami is a Reiki practitioner as well as a student of Healing Touch. He has studied intensively with Cyndi Dale, a noted author, and energy healer.  Also, Nami has developed many of his own energy modalities to compliment his practice.

Nami was a massage therapist for 20 years and has previously worked for hospice and physical therapists. The experience with hospice brought his practice to a deeper level of understanding of how body and spirit work together. This background, along with a deep meditation practice, led to an intuitive awakening about working with clients. Nami engages intuitively to see past injuries or negative experiences that may have resulted in physical symptoms. Using his own techniques developed over the course of his experience, he can help the body's memory of those past events to be released, causing the muscles to relax and the body to remember how it is supposed to be.

Nami uses an exclusive modality techniques that combine eastern and western medicine with intuitive angelic guidance to heal your specific body calibration.

Curious about how it all works? Come and experience it for yourself!

In Nami's own words...

"I intuitively tuned in into a client who was complaining of sciatic pain.  In my mind's eye I could see her skiing, and crashing, with a yellow jacket that had a white fur hood. I described the scene I saw to my client who was amazed at the accuracy of what I said, because it had happened to her in real life. She had a skiing accident and injured her tailbone, which was never diagnosed. This affected her sciatic nerve and caused a good deal of discomfort.  I was able to use healing energy to shift the tailbone back into place, and she immediately experienced relief. She became a regular client after that, and brought me a photo of herself in the jacket from the ski trip. It was exactly as I had seen it!"

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In Nami's own words...

"A woman came to me who had stage 4 cancer. I wasn't aware of her diagnosis.  When I tuned into her energy field, I saw a vision of a staircase, and her in a muumuu carrying a laundry basket. I saw her fall on the stairs. I told her what I had seen and she said that I was right: she had actually been pushed, and was nine months pregnant at the time. She bled profusely after the incident.  The angels told me while I worked on her that the incident was so traumatic it stopped her life's purpose, which was to be a writer. After I told her this, she thanked me and soon found that she was able to  write again. She passed away from the cancer 6 months later, after having been able to write the story she had always wanted to write.  This was a huge "a-ha" moment for me when I realized how the angels could profoundly help people on their path, and how I could be a part of that."