1516 East 4th St. Charlotte, NC

About Us

Nami and Susan have been working together for several years. Together they created a healing energy modality they jokingly called "the Sunami" which led to much more collaborating under the name Sunami. It started with Nami painting angels while Susan played the harp, and has grown from there to a life together.

They have traveled throughout the US and Europe together, honing their healing skills and bringing in new energies from all the places they visit. Their most recent sacred journey to France has deepened and energized their connection to the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine, and they embody and energize those qualities as a healing team.

Today, they are owners of the Bag Lady, a wildly successful metaphysical retail business whose aim is to inspire creativity, spirituality, hilarity, random enchantment and unmitigated bodaciousness their customers.

A trip to The Bag Lady is an adventure for your senses. From the multiple incense choices to the Reiki-infused, scented candles; from the singing bowls of all shapes and sizes to the tingsha ritual bells; the wide selection of jewelry to the oracle & tarot cards, not to mention an impressive collection of crystals and stones. There is something to delight you in every corner of the store.

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